My two-week-old baby cries a lot – what can I do?

My two-week-old baby cries a lot – what can I do?

Some babies cry for no apparent reason, possibly because of vague discomfort, feeling generally dissatisfied, bored or lonely. Devoting time to baby is the only way to make her/him feel safe and secure. For now mother is the best source of comfort and any idea of spoiling should be forgotten.

The most obvious needs are, hunger, thirst, colic, or a wet nappy. Check baby’s position to see if s/he is uncomfortably hot or cold.
A breastfed baby can be hungry or thirsty often, particularly in the early weeks, so extra nursing or just sucking for comfort can help.
A bottle-fed baby may cry for similar reasons, or because of colic. Cool boiled water can be given frequently with extra cuddles as an added bonus.

Placing baby in a “ baby bouncer”, or carrying baby close in a carrier/sling often helps. Swaddling i.e. wrapping baby securely in a blanket, and rocking or wheeling while singing or playing music are also comforting.

Crying during feeds can be due to delayed milk supply – because mum is tense or over full breasts, or sucking on a blocked or unsuitable teat.

A snuffly baby may have difficulty with breathing and sucking at the same time or a thrush infection can cause pain. If you’ve checked everything and this unusual crying continues do seek help from your public health nurse or GP. The trouble may be a sore throat, ear infection or thrush – the doctor will give baby a thorough check-up.